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What is the choice of energy-saving lamps?

Update:17 Aug 2018

Three-color energy-saving lamps, the appearance is more […]

Three-color energy-saving lamps, the appearance is more refined, plastic parts are usually made of high-temperature resistant flame retardant materials; and halogen powder lamps are fake and inferior products, the appearance is rough, the circuit is simple, the components are inferior, and even more plastic parts are not flame retardant It is dangerous to use.
The three primary color energy-saving lamps, after lighting for a few minutes, reach the normal brightness, which is bright and soft; while the halogen powder lamp, once energized, the brightness basically reaches the peak, the brightness is low, the light color is blue, and it looks pale and weak.
A simple identification method, the light of the three primary lights, shine on his palm, the palms appear ruddy and bloody; the same halogen powder on the palm, it looks blue, no blood. When two lit lights are put together, the difference is obvious.
In addition, when purchasing energy-saving lamps, we must also consider the technical parameters of the electronic ballast, such as harmonic content, power factor, whether or not there are indicators such as filter components. Especially in some large-area, high-volume use of energy-saving lamps, we must use low-harmonic, high-power factor, energy-saving lamps with filter components, and install as many power switches as possible to avoid simultaneous switching of large number of energy-saving lamps. The high voltage pulse of the power grid impacts and causes damage.
Another thing worth noting is that people always like to use energy-saving lamps in the downlights. Due to poor heat dissipation conditions, the high temperature performance of energy-saving lamps and electronic components is very high (we have tested it, the temperature inside the plastic parts can be as high as 90-105 ° C). Therefore, it is best to use a larger size when selecting the downlight, do not block the cooling holes of the energy-saving lamp, so that there is enough space for heat dissipation.

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