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What is the purchasing step of the energy saving lamp?

Update:10 Aug 2018

See if there is a national inspection report; Look at t […]

See if there is a national inspection report;
Look at the outer packaging of the product, including the product's trademark, nominal power, marked content, wipe with a soft damp cloth, the mark is clearly identifiable is qualified
The service life, qualified energy-saving lamps can reach more than 500 hours under the experimental state, and must reach more than 200 hours in normal use. If this standard is not met, it is inferior quality;
Safety requirements, during the installation and disassembly process, see if the lamp cap is loose, whether there is a hoe or not, whether it is insulated;
In addition, look at whether the outer tube material of the energy-saving lamp is heat-resistant, fire-proof, and whether the phosphor in the lamp is uniform. If it is not used, there will be blackening at both ends of the lamp, which are all unqualified products; another point is the price comparison. Generally speaking, due to special reasons in the manufacture and production process of energy-saving lamps, the cost is relatively high. If it is seven or eight dollars of energy-saving lamps, it is likely to be inferior products produced by some small factories. Generally, the prices of domestically produced energy-saving lamps are more than 40 yuan, and imports are even higher.
Good or bad judgment
To evaluate the quality of an energy-saving lamp product, we should consider the following aspects:
Security: Security includes the following:
Whether the combination of the lamp cap (iron or copper, aluminum) and the plastic part is tight;
Whether the lamp tube is combined with the plastic part of the lower case;
Whether the upper shell plastic part and the lower shell plastic part are fastened, and whether it can be detached at high temperature;
Whether the shell plastic parts are made of flame retardant and high temperature resistant (above 180 °C);
Whether the flame retardant material is used for the skeleton and circuit board in the electronic ballast circuit;
Whether or not appropriate fuse elements or fuses are used in the electronic circuit.
When the lamp cap and the plastic part are not firmly connected, it is easy to appear that the lamp cap is in the lamp holder, and the lamp cap is hung with the energy saving lamp through two lead wires. In this case, the first aspect is very troublesome when you remove the energy-saving lamp. The second one is very unsafe. Even if you turn off the power to change, when your switch does not control the fire line and control the neutral line, it is very Easy to get an electric shock. The third aspect causes a short circuit, and it is easy to cut the power cord due to the friction of the lamp cap with the power cord. In the fourth aspect, the whole lamp is easily dropped when the power cord is not well soldered to the base or the circuit board.
When the lamp tube and the lower shell plastic parts are not firmly combined, the lamp tube is easily hung on the energy-saving lamp. When the upper and lower shell plastic parts are not tightly coupled, an integral energy-saving lamp is suspended in the lamp holder in three parts. The accident occurred as seriously as the first one above.